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The weather has changed again! From high 90's and mega-humidity, we woke up today to rain and temps in the high 60's! I've had to put the blanket back on the bed! The second half of Summer is at hand, so I hope that the weather will find a happy medium between heaven and h^*l.

Yesterday, my little yard bun made his way to the back of the yard, under the Forsythia bushes. I haven't seen him since and I hope that if he's moved on, he has enough sense to stay out of the reach of the dogs on either side of us, and to stay away from the Parkway behind our house, with its super-speeding cars.

Here's the last pics I have of him.....





He really enjoyed eating our clover! Hope he comes back again!

My hubby is currently seeing the chiropractor I used to go to. He has a jammed disc from a slow fall on the grass while playing badminton with our grandson. Doesn't he know old dogs shouldn't try new tricks? ^-^

We'll have our grandson again this weekend; if the weather co-operates, we're going into Manhattan to take that walk along the Highline Park. I've got my fingers crossed!

I've been going to a Scrabble club at the library. There are only 3 of us, but we have a lot of fun. Sometimes, I even win a game! It's good practice for the brain; really makes you think as you search for whatever words you can make with those 7 tiles. I've gotten to like playing against my computer, also. Words have always been my friends.

I've made the cinnamon ice cream for our grandson and laid in enough snacks to keep him fed for the next 3 days. (I hope). Now that he's 14, he's growing taller all the time and is always eating. Too bad I can't just buy a bag of hay!

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That would be nice of her. I'll also look on line and see if anything is there.

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