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statue of chuckwalla in Visitor Center
Our fridge is still in need of a reefer board. The wrong kind got sent to the repairman, so he will try again and maybe by tomorrow...... So we drove to Red Rock Canyon, about 15 miles outside Vegas. It was COLD again. There was some rare, for this time of year, rain showers on and off all morning. Then, when we got to the Canyon, it changed to light snow and hail! It was FREEZING, especially since I had opted to wear shorts. Luckily, I had my vinyl raincoat, which kept me warmer. The last time I was snowed on in the Spring was in June, 2000, in Glacier National Park, when we wore winter coats, gloves and boots. I think I have learned how to work my new camera (after the usual teeth gnashing) and have packed the old one away, as the last battery has died. We are going to a casino called Terrible's later on, then to the Longhorn casino for dinner. Never met a casino I didn't like! Here's my pics for today; the 1st 4 are with my old camera, the rest are with the new one. Oooookaaaay. I can't seem to upload pictures from my new camera. I'll have to go inside the camera and see if I can find out why. There is no manual that came with the camera; only one on-line. I'll save the pics until I can figure things out. x_X

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Red Rock Canyon is one of our Favorites places!!!We had a trip scheduled in March but had to cancel because we got sick.. ENJOY!

Great Pics!!!!

Love, Hare

I hope you are all over being sick by now; it's no fun, is it? We are going back to Red Rock tomorrow to walk some trails, because it was freezing and snowing and hailing the other day. I hope to get some more good pics, maybe even one of the wild horses or burros, if I am very lucky.

What a fantastic colour and they are well named!

They are incredibly gorgeous; the red color is iron oxide. Thousands of years ago, these mountains were ancient sand dunes.

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