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(no subject)
This whole past week has been hot as &*%^#@ and the week coming up looks only slightly better. It's in the high 90's, in the 100's in the sun.

We get up in the morning, turn on the air and close the windows and the  blinds and it stays like that until 10-11 at night, when we turn off the air, open the windows and turn on the fans in the bedroom. AND, it's only JULY!

I go from air-conditioned house to air-conditioned car, to air-conditioned store or air-conditioned library or air-conditoned movie. Thank goodness we didn't lose our power from that last storm, like so many people along the Eastern seaboard, who have been without electricity for almost a week, with triple-digit temps! I would be sitting in a tub of cool water and not moving!

I got some more bunny pics the other day. Haven't seen him for 2 days; I'm afraid he may have been driven elsewhere by my neighbors incredibly noisy weed whacker on the other side of our hedge which he was living in. :-(

My Cone Flowers are all in bloom now and I get a nice group of bees and butterflies enjoying them.

The twisty ones are special!

2 for the price of 1!

I don't go out ot weed, not in this heat, but I do go out to water them.

I have made Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream to welcome back our grandson, Louis, who's returning from his week camping up at Lake George tomorrow. He's going to spend the next few days with us! Hooray!!

Now it's time to leave the heat and the fan of upstairs and go back down into the lovely a.c.!

Keep cool, everyone!

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Would you like to swap for some of our cold and rain?

No; where's the happy medium these days? Doesn't anyone have nice, normal weather any more? With all the violent storms and wildfires lately, is this global warming/climate change in action?

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