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(no subject)

Well, we have not heard from the fridge repairman yet. We'll call tomorrow and see if we need to find another one or not. But we did get a nice oil change for the r.v. at Walmart. It was WINDY and cool today. We took ourselves to the other side of Vegas to meet 2 men who Ken used to work with and their wives, for lunch. We met at a casino (of course; we're in Vegas, right?) and had the buffet lunch. Then we gambled a little; then we went to one of the couples' hotel to chat. They were staying at the Bellagio, one of the many pretty hotel/casinos on the Strip. Their room windows looked down on the many pools for the hotel and out at the mountains surrounding Vegas. After, Ken and I went to see the dancing waters in front of the Bellagio and walked thru Ceasar's Palace casino to look at the shops. Back in the r.v., we rested, then walked to Sam's Town casino to see the dancing water and laser light show in that casino. It was very pretty; we've seen something like it in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Here's what today looked like.....the hotel/casino we met friends at'nother casinoParis casino/restaurant by daya garden in the Bellagiogiant flowers and real flowers by the hundredsgiant ants and mushroomsBIG flower frogMrs. Ladybug with Gerbera daisiesone bee like this could take on a whole gardenthe garden trowel is 28  feet tall!Bellagio's waters dance to Italian opera musicfountain in front of Ceasar's Palaceinside Ceasar's Palaceumbrellas decorating the ceiling in Ceasar's

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I don't remember the giant flowers - I don't know how Sue could have missed that one! I've probably just forgotten it...

It could be new; I understand they change the flowers with the seasons; there were thousands of them all planted there.

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