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(no subject)
Today being almost as hot as yesterday, I'm indoors with the a.c. so I've lots of time to post my bunny pics. I'm so glad that this little fellow chose my yard to live in!

He's sheltering under our hedges.

Big eyes, small ears.

Grooming time!

What a cutie!

Such an adorable face!

My Tiger Lilies snuck in here!

Here's the bun that got away. Such skinny legs! He didn't seem to mind my taking pics of him. I hope he's a cautious bun, with the dogs living in yards on both sides of us.

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Hi Nancy!
Lovely photos and commentary as always!
Although my Dad grew up on a farm in southern Ireland (he was born in 1927, and sadly died in 1998), bunnies must have been a pest! However, growing up, we went out from time to time (us youngsters) with binoculars 'spying on bunnies' with Dad.
They're so fascinating, aren't they?
Love Maria and Friska.

I do love to watch them. I know they can be pests in some countries, but here, we don't have them in vast quantities.

I once tried to raise some baby rabbits who's nest we had accidentaly uncovered. Only one survived, but I was able to get really close to that one in our yard for the next year, until he/she moved on.

Isn't he? I've been watching for him and taking his pic when I can. I'm glad he chose our yard; haven't had a bun living here for 2 years. Now if he's just smart enough to stay away from the dogs around us, he'll live to make more buns!

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