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(no subject)
Today was a very hot day again, up in the high 90's. The a.c. was on all day and it's still on, because it's still 81 outside. The next few days are going to be too hot.

Here's the pics from the "Art From Garbage" exhibit Louis and I saw last Sunday.....

A "found metal" person and a sun reflector made from a bike wheel and eyeglass lenses.

This is various plastic bottle and container lids, all strung up

A soda and water bottle dog!

These "stained glass" windows are wrappings from Chinese food and other jewel-like papers.

The U.S. constructed from old sponges!

Soda bottles, twine and fiber optics make a light. (Not the prettiest, though).

Old paintbrushes! Makes an interesting wall hanging.

An oil can, metal tube, slotted spoon elephant!

These are the individual servings of coffee grounds for the single-serving coffee machines. Put top to top inside slender webbing, they look like a giant Whelk egg case.

A lovely building made from Clementine boxes, egg cartons, plastic food containers, phone directories and old printer ink cartridges.

There was a lot more, but these were the best. The Garbage Barge title of the exhibit alludes to the infamous 1987 New York City barge full of garbage that no one would accept into their landfills. It sailed from state to state for over 3 months; I don't remember where it ended up. (I'll have to look that up on the 'net).

It's getting late, so I'll post the bunny pics tomorrow.

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Loving some of this art Auntie (maybe not the last one!).

True, that one's not the best. My favorite was the sponge map.

I really like the stained glass windows but my favourite is the paintbrushes!

Isn't it great what can be done with throw-aways with just a little time and some imagination?

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