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Okay, I have a few minutes to myself again, inbetween walking at the Mall, shopping, cleaning and gardening.

We spent a delightful 4 1/2 days with Louis. Took him to see a movie, "Rock of Ages", which we both enjoyed because of the music. There was just enough plot to hold the music together.

Took Louis to the "Art from Trash" exhibit at the local art museum (pics to come tomorrow) which impressed him somewhat. He is, after all, 14!

We made ice cream together, "water flavored" as Louis called it. It was just cream, milk and sugar, essentially frozen whipped cream! Next time, it's my choice and we're making Mint Chocolate Chip!

We also made a graham cracker- chocolate/vanilla pudding ice box cake, which Louis took home for him and his Dad.

I have ordered my BT6 album and am eagerly awaiting the delivery! I know it will be great!

I finally got the time to watch the Thames Boat Pageant for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, which I'd dvr'd on June 3rd! It was so colorful! The variety of boats was astounding, and the number of them! Even though it rained, people rowed and sailed and kayaked and stood in the rain and cheered loudly. The Royal Barge was amazing! Gorgeous! I was very impressed by the fact that none of the Royals sat down even once the whole time! I mean, she is 85 or so! And he's 90 or so! I doubt that any English monarch will reign as long as Victoria and Elizabeth have; the ones in line are already older than both women were when they ascended.

I finally saw one of the baby buns that have been living under our hedges. (Pics to come tomorrow). Don't know how many there were originally, but I was glad to see that they still survive in the area. Didn't see any last year. The yards on both sides of us have dogs, so the rabbits have to be very careful. 2 years ago, one of the nasty little dogs next door killed an adult rabbit.

I've been helping my girl friend sort out a boatload of silver coins and  silver commemorative medals and ingots her husband left her. Some of the coins are quite old and there are a few gold coins in there also. Now we're keeping a watch on the price of silver every day and looking for a good coin dealer. Lovely seeing all those old coins!

Here's just a few pics; I haven't downloaded and sized the others yet......
I rarely see Red-Winged Blackbirds in the yard any more; I think this is an immature one. For some years now, they have not come to the feeders.

The fish that Louis caught when he went on the party boat Tues with Ken. His fish was about an inch too short to win the $120 pool.

The Ziggy cartoon; I always look for the bun ones! :-D

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Mum Dad and I watched the "Queen's diamond jubilee" in live, it was fantastic .
we love to watch all the tv documentary on the Royal Family .


It was VERY interesting! I've watched other documentaries on the Queen and Prince Charles also. In the Thames Pageant, it was touching to see some of the orininal boats that were involved in the Dunkirk rescue of WWII.

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