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We have Louis again (yaay) for Fri - Tues this week, as school is now over. Needless to say, he keeps us busy with badminton games, trips to the bookstore, making ice cream and ice box cake!

Tonight, we 3 plus Patty and Dan went out to Smokey Bones (our treat) and had a delicious dinner. Dessert will come later, consisting of the rest of the chocolate cake we bought for Louis' graduation from Middle School and the home-made cream-flavored ice cream we made today.

Wednesday, on what proved to be the hottest day of the year so far (98 degrees) Ken and I and our good friend MIke went to Senior Day at Yankee Stadium, when the tickets were only $5.

Our first set of seats were in the SUN! We lasted in them about 20 minues, then we moved back and up into some seats in the shade. That lasted until the people who had tickets for those seats arrived. Then we moved back and up to some more seats in the shade. That lasted until...........Then we moved back and up to seats which were about 10 rows from the top of the grandstand, as high as one can go. No one came for those seats, so we were able to stay through the 7th inning. Then the heat drove us out and back to the air-conditioned car. It was my first time in the new Yankee Stadium. It was nice to see; I'm not a Yankee fan, so it was a bonus that they lost to the Atlanta Braves 10 to 5!

After 2 horribly hot and humid days, we had a torrential rain which brought down tree limbs and whole trees and took electric power away from a lot of areas; luckily, not ours. The temps dropped 30 degrees in 3 hours and today was much nicer.

Here's Louis with his Graduation cake, and my Yankee Stadium pics.....
Mmmmm! Chocolate cake!
The digital scoreboard at the game
A bit of the Bronx in the background
Just before the game started; the stands really filled up later on. Don't you love the way the grass is cut?
Mike with his Yankees hat, his Yankees shirt, his Yankees watch (He forgot to hold up his phone with it's Yankees cover) Can you tell which team he was rooting for?

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Hmmm, so bearing in mind I am English, why is part of the field grass, and the other part brown?

The brown part is merely dirt; it's really for running the bases from 1st to home plate. Grass would be too slippery to run on, especially if they're playing after a storm or in the rain. If the dirt gets really wet, they put a drying agent on it to help with traction.

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