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We've had our grandson Louis over to stay for the last 2 weekends and he's going to stay with us this weekend, also! It's wonderful, and it takes up all my time. This is the first chance I've had to post in days!

Last weekend, we all went to the local street fair, where Louis proceeded to dunk a person into a barrel of water twice, by hitting a large button with a ball. It was a nice hot day, so it was okay with the person, besides, it was raising money for a charity. I forgot to bring my camera!  In return for dunking him, Louis won a $5 gift certificate to Milk and Sugar, a Main Street cafe. That went to me by default, and today my girlfriend and I had lunch there and used it as partial payment. Yum!

We also saw "Madagascar 3" which was funny and watchable. Made vanilla ice cream which was delish and strawyberry ice cream, which turned out to be too sweet. This next weekend, we're making cream flavored ice cream! (Louis' idea; no flavoring).

On Friday, Louis graduates from Middle School and we are going to watch. This time, I'll remember to bring my camera! Then we'll have a celebratory dinner with his Dad and a cake. On Saturday, we're going in to the city with another couple and walk on the Highline Park (an old El track, converted to a linear park. Then lunch in Chinatown or Little Italy. Maybe another movie on one of the other days.

Tomorrow, Ken and I and Mike, a good friend, are going to Senior Day at the new Yankee Stadium. The tickets are only $5, as opposed to the usual 3-digit price! I'm not a Yankee fan, but hey, it's a day out! (I'm bringing my camera)!

The only pic I have to offer today is one of my gorgeous rhododendron flowers. That's why I'm bringing my camera to all these upcoming events! :-D

I love my garden!

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wonderful! Enjoy yourselves! Love the pic. Purple is my fav


Purple was Sue's favorite color also! The rhodo actually came with the house and is more than 50 years old. We've cut it back twice and it's just about time to do it again!

Mum likes to make ice cream with Spéculoos .
in our country 'Normandy', there are old railway track which are converted into rail-bike,it is very fun and we can bring the picnic.


We have walked on 2 linear parks, one in Florida and one in Washington State, which is called the "Iron Man Trail" or the "John Wayne Trail". On that one, a person could walk all the way to the Idaho border. Once a year, a wagon train re-enactment happens on that trail; we saw the wagons about 9 years ago.

We did not walk on the Highline Park last weekend, because the weather was much too hot, in the high 80's. Perhaps we'll get to do it in the Fall.

Next weekend, we're making Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream!

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