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(no subject)
We had a fun three days in Atlantic City. In keeping with my new policy of minimal gambling, I had brought along my Nook with 2 Rizzoli and Isles downloaded books; my dvd player and part of my box set of "Upstairs, Downstairs" (a Christmas gift to myself a few years ago) and I watched a show called "Las Vegas" starring Tom Selleck on t.v. along with Tues nights "Rizzoli and Isles" show. We walked on the boardwalk, although the weather wasn't the best, to get some exercise. Tried out the newest casino, The Revel, so I could add another players card to my collection. Didn't get any winnings there; left them my $20. The 14 restaurants were all very expensive, so we didn't eat there; opted for dinner at Johnny Rockets instead.   Next day, I walked again then took $20 down to the Showboat, where we were staying. Turned it into $30. We walked down the boardwalk to Resorts Casino, where I left another $20. Now I was behind by $10. Put $27 more dollars into Showboat then called it quits. All in all, I lost $37 over the 3 days. We ate at the buffet Tues night and I ate healthy! I was so proud of me! I didn't gain anything in A.C. and my quest for lower weight goes on! I have until Aug. 13 to lose 12 more pounds! I know I can do it!

Now we're back and in a routine again. Tomorrow we have the pleasure of Louis' company for the weekend. We plan to take him to the local art museum to see "Garbage as Art" and i"m going to use the $10 coupon from Barnes and Noble towards a Cheesecake Factory cheesecake for Father's Day. Louis can pick the flavor, since he'll be eating it. Ken is lactose intolerant and my lips are sealed!

Here's Ken with our granddog Roscoe: (the pic is on top; I don't know why!  :-P