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(no subject)
Ken and I are going to Atlantic City for 3 days on a mini-vacation. We have 2 free nights at the Showboat Casino and are heading out in the morning.

I've packed my Nook so I can read a few "Rizzoli and Isles" books; my dvd player so I can watch my box set of "Upstairs, Downstairs" and my walking shoes for walking on the boardwalk. I'm also taking a leeeeeeetle amount of money to do a small amount of gambling with.

I'm not, however, taking my laptop, so I'll be out of touch until Thursday. Happy Week, everyone!

Molly and Roscoe awaiting a taste of Patty's birthday cake.

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Roscoe and Molly are very beautiful , it's remind my 2foots happy time when they had two dog newfoundland .
Two nights free casino ... but with a leeeeeetle amount of money.
Have a good time, aunty !


Had a great time. Walked the boardwalk, watched my box set of "Upstairs, Downstairs", read my Nook and watched one of my favorite t.v. shows. I only lost a leeeeetle money; $37.

Look at t hose beggars! I love it!

Aren't they great! Roscoe is much more laid-back than Molly; she's always on the move. She would play fetch until your arm fell off!

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