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(no subject)
We've got Louis for the next 3 weekends! Yaaaaayyyy!
We all took a walk on the beach the other day. Louis walked in the sand and we parallelled him on the boardwalk.

We were on Fire Island; here's the lighthouse standing tall.
We've been taking in a movie or two; making ice cream (yum)! playing games and watching t.v. For Aunt Patty's birthday, he got to play with Mollie and Roscoe and take them for a walk! (He would love to have a dog).
Fortunately, he gets to play with our granddogs every now and then.

Going to a street fair tomorrow with him. Hope the weather stays nice for us!

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sounds like a good time had by all :)

We always have a good time with Louis; although, being almost 14, he's beginnig to show signs of dreaded teenage behavior; not talking too much, arguing every point and just generally being a TEENAGER! My girl friend says we'll get him back when he's 18. :-D

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