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This past week and a half has been dedicated to home redecoration. Ken's painting our dining room; he actually painted half of it twice, because the people in the paint store mixed up the wrong colors at first and it looked like we were living inside a bottle of Pepto-Bismol, instead of the soft, light rose I had wanted.

All the Santas have been returned to their cabinets, shiny and dusted; all the MANY photos on the 12 shelves have been removed, cleaned and returned to their proper places. The only thing left is to re-hang the clock and a few photos and 2 paintings on the walls. Then we're set; as Ken has said he won't be painting the room again!

It's been cool and rainy lately, so I've not gotten a chance to take many pics. Here's just a few of my garden.

Don't know what kind of butterfly that is; he was enjoying my Wisteria blossoms.
Two of my 3 Clematis; the other one is all pink.
Our Rhododendron; it was once taller than the house, but we pruned it a few years ago. It came with the house when we moved in.

If it warms up, I can do some gardening, The Cone flowers are getting ready to open, as are the Tiger Lilies. I'm hoping for sun.

Speaking of the sun, I'm going to attempt to watch the transit of Venus across the face of the sun tomorrow evening, but if things run true to course apropos Long Island and astrological events, it will be cloudy and rainy!

With last night's torrential rain, we were treated to two rainbows when it slowed down!

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Thanks! I love to garden; my garden is just a little smaller these days than it used to be. (I couldn't stand all the weeding)!

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