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(no subject)
We had our grandson over for two weekends in a row and he really keeps us busy! Don't get online as often as I'd like to, but he's so much fun to do things with!

This past weekend, we went to a birthday bbq, saw "Men in Black 3" (a good movie), went to the bookstore for the latest installment of a series he's reading and made vanilla ice cream with buttterscotch chips!

Today, the movie I'd been waiting to see, "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" came to a theatre near me and my friend and I went out to lunch at an Italian restaurant, then treated ourselves to the show. It was a very nice movie; due in large part to the wonderful collection of great British actors and actresses in it. Maggie Smith!  Judy Dench! Tom Wilkenson! Two ladies whose names I don't know, but who were both in "Calendar Girls". It was a treat!

Ken is currently painting our dining room, so after dinner, I spent a fun hour removing and dusting the 150+ Santas I own from their glass cabinets and removing and washing the shelves so we could move the cabinets. It was actually kind of pleasant because I had written on the bottoms of most of the Santas as to who gave them to me and in what year. Brought back a lot of memories.

As Ken works his way from wall to wall, I will be moving all the pictures off the walls and then emptying the bookcases that cover one of the walls of all their photos and memorabilia from our trips. Makes me wish I hadn't collected quite so much!

Here's a few more pics of the birds that come to my feeders. The Cowbird pics are a little dull, as there was no sun.

Mrs. Cowbird

Mr. CB
and the family.

A Strawberry Finch and his wife.
These Finches never seem to hang around too long; ditto for the Cowbirds. I'm just a way station. :-D