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(no subject)
Not too much happening lately. Hasn't been nice gardening weather, but I've been cleaning and reading and watching some of the box sets of dvds I own. Mall-walking and food shopping fill up those hours.

Tomorrow, we get the r.v. back, with a non-leaky sewage pipe, a new awning and a new back window shade. We're keeping the old girl going!

Went to the library today and saw "Iron Lady", not the best film I've seen, but interesting. It had some actual historical footage in it also. The performance was somewhat hampered by the fact that the dvd developed problems half way thru and we saw a lot of stop-action footage with no dialogue for a while. Meryl Streep, was, as always, the consummate actress.

When I was in the plant nursery last week, I bought a bag of peanuts with the idea of giving the squirrels a treat, but all the Blue Jays in the area saw them before the 4-footed beasties ever did and made off with them all.
This Grackle tried to eat, but.....
the Jays constantly warned him off.
The Jays swallow the peanuts whole, taking two at a time.
At least, they're a beautiful bird.
They were fun to watch! And insatiable!

A friend wanted to know if I would friend her on FB so we could play "Words With Friends" , a slow motion, long distance Scrabble. I'll give it a try and see how that works out. Hope it doesn't make me crazy. X_x

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The Jays made a great comeback here some years ago. For a number of years, there weren't any around. I love the way they seem to predict when rain will come and when it will end.

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