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(no subject)
Another day of rain, with 2 more to follow, supposedly. We're all back to being moldy and muchroomy again.

Pollen is still raining down from the pines around us; everything is covered in yellow dots and my sinuses are not happy. X_x

I took the day off from walking in the mall in favor of sleeping in; then watching several programs I'd dvr'd and watching another episode of "Prime Suspect", the box series i treated myself to last year. Helen Mirren is such a fabulous actress!

Sunday, Louis discovered a baby Robin in the back of our yard. It was young; fledged out but not really able to fly yet. I told him that it would be alright; I'd just read an article in the paper about how fledged babies leave the nest and shelter on the ground, so that a predator won't get them all if it finds the nest. The mother bird will come to them and feed them on the ground. It stayed in the same basic spot for 2 days, but after last nights rain, I couldn't find it anymore. Hopefully, it found shelter somewhere.

The rain always seems to make the flowers bloom more quickly. Most of my Iris are open now, with just some more of Sue's black Iris to come. They are beginning to spread, so in a few years, I'll have a nice patch. I'm glad that I can keep and enjoy some of her blooms.

Sue's gorgeous purple and white striped Iris

The blue Iris came with our house; the yellow Iris I bought in a Japanese Stroll Garden where i used to volunteer.

Sue planted the black Iris especially for Andy

If the rain subsides during the week, I can dig some more weeds! I live to dig weeds!