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Ken and I and Kevin (Louis' Dad) went to a piano recital being held in Louis' MIddle School, in which he had a part. He played Billy Joel's "Piano Man". He was very nervous beforehand, as this was his first time playing in front of an audience. He did very well! Some of the children (7th and 8th grade) were astounding!  The choice of pieces was varied and it made for a pleasant evening.
(Ken had a good time; he's just not always the smiley  type). Before..... 




and after!

Friday we bbq'd with a couple we camp with in Montauk. This time, the weather was beautiful and we got to eat outside! Sunshine and nice breezes; when the sun moved and the breezes stayed, we went inside fot dessert.

Now, we have Louis with us for this weekend. School is almost done for this semester and we're looking forward to having him over to stay a lot longer in the Summer! He will be graduating from MIddle School and entering High School in the Fall!

Louis playing badminton with Ken; he played with me also, making lots of concessions as I can't run, leap or lunge!

Getting ready to score a point on Ken; he beat Ken and he let me win. Then he played another game with Ken; then they played football! I predict a very early bedtime for Ken!

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louis has grown a lot this year.
On the third picture, is there a certificate louis got for playing piano. Mum and Dad loves piano .

Emy Rose

Yes, everytime I see Louis, he's taller. That was, indeed, a certificate for being in the piano recital. Louis is fond of the piano also, but he needs to practice more often.

Mum has loved listening to Billy Joel since she was very little at all, so if Louis is doing well, he's a grand lad!
Love Friska and Maria.

He tries to do his best at everything. He's 14 now, and the teen years are challenging to him. Billy Joel is great!

Louis looks like someone to be proud of.
Love Maria and Friska.

We love him to bits! At 14, he's still not to old to be hugged and kissed!

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