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We have seen sun for 2 straight days now! I'm giddy with the pleasure!

The weeds in my garden are still flourishing, so I try to get every day that it's not actually raining and dig one bucket, just one, of the critters.

Today, though, I went over to Andy's. He has offered me some more of Sue's lovely Iris. I cut down a small rosebush for him, pulled a little grass, and dug up a lovely purple and white Iris. I'll download it's pic tomorrow.

The weather is getting really warm again and I think I'll be back in shorts very soon! I love the fact that I can keep all the windows open again in the day. I like to hear the outside sounds; don't like being shut inside.

Mother's Day I received a Chenille plant from Patty and Dan, our youngest son and his wife. Never saw one before; it's very unusual. I think I heard Patty say she saw this crazy plant and said "we've got to get that for your Mom". Is there an underlying meaning there???

Here's what it looks like. I have it hanging in the backyard, where it gets lots of sun.
Isn't this the most different plant you've ever seen?

My Clematis are all in bloom again. It's a pity that all these flowers don't last longer than they do.

As you can see, this is Sue's lovely Iris! I didn't realize I already had uploaded the pic! *_*

Here are my Clematis!
   I can see this from the kitchen, Louis' room and the computer room

My other Clematis!

This one does not give me as many blossoms as the purple one, but it's very showy.

My small grove of buttercups. I've got a patch in the back lawn also. Both groups are courtesy of the birds!

We're having Andy over for dinner tonight, so it's time to go and prepare. Just think, we're only 2 weeks away from the official start of Summer!

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Those pink bottle-brush plants are weird!

Aren't they? Not really like the Bottlebrush Tree which grows in FL; those blossoms are all widely spaced soft strands of red. This Chenille plant feels like the old chenille bedspreads Grandmaa used to have. It's a solid cylinder, but soft. It's really weird looking, but nice.

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