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(no subject)

Turns out that we need a new reefer board for our fridge, which is what controls everything. The repairman went back to his shop and will let us know tomorrow (hopefully) if he has one in stock. After he left, we drove to Old Vegas to see the original casinos and watch the outdoor acts and the light show, which was a tribute to the Doors, with there music playing and all. The light show is projected on the walkway roof. It's quite good; there is a different one done every hour. Here's Old Vegas....Michael & Elvisstreet performers with hula hoopslight showJim MorrisonJimSegway traffic control; this all takes place on the streets of Vegas

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It all looks very colourful, and busy. I'll stick to the countryside and the dandy-lions. All those lights would give me a headache!

The music was really good, though, if you liked the Doors and Queen and Van Halen. There were also nice cinnamon pretzels to nom on. ^-^

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