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(no subject)
Here we are in another week already! I hope every Mother out there had a lovely Mother's Day. I did! I relaxed all morning; watched an episode from my "Prime Suspect" collection; had a coffee, read the Sunday paper and then my current book.

In the afternoon, we went to our youngest son's and our daughter-in-law's house for a bbq with her parents and her sister and our oldest son! Our two middle sons had to work and our grandson was at the sitters house, but they all called me and wished me a happy Mother's Day, even our grandson!

We all had fun playing with the 2 English Springer Spaniels that live there and wearing out our respective arms throwing balls for them to chase. A great day!

Today was another sunny day, for the most part, but now it's beginning to look like the rain promised for the next 3 days. :-( 
I was hoping to go over to Andy's and transplant a few more of Sue's Iris to my garden. Andy had graciously told me to take whatever I want. We did move the Beauty Bush on Friday; it's just leaves right now and not too interesting, but when it makes it's lavender berries in the Fall, I'll post a pic of it.

I'm going to increase the amount of time I walk at the mall in an effort to lose some of the pounds I added while we were traveling and eating our way up and down the East Coast! No more junk food! Salads, arise!

Here's some cute ducklings and goslings I encountered recently.....
Baby goslings; cute as a button!Awwww!

 Mom and Pop Goose telling me not to get too close to their babies!
But they're so adorable!
Then there's Mom duck and her brood...
Line up every one and stay with Mom!
No Dad in evidence here; all the males were gathering together on the other side of the pond. Single Moms, speak out!

It's getting windier outside. I really hate to close the windows; the house feels so stuffy after all the fresh air blowing through. :-P

Signing off and looking forward to (maybe) gardening tomorrow.

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HUgs! Love the duck babies and your update

Thanks, Hare! I love that you read it every day! Today, I gardened in both my garden and Sue's garden!

Dig for me as I ca't do it anymore. :)

I'm sorry. :( I hereby dedicate the bunnies that stand in my garden to you. *hugs*

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