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(no subject)
There was sun today! All day! Just as I was beginning to think we'd all start to grow toadstools on our feet!

I took advantage of it to do some transplanting. Andy most generously said I could have the Beauty Bush Sue had planted on their front lawn some years ago. It has lavender seeds that look like berries and a pleasing shape. I've seen it growing wild in FL, but it doesn't seem to propagate itself up here. So Ken and I went to Andys' after lunch and dug it up, then brought it home and dug it a nice hole on our front lawn, where it will mingle with all my other purplish flowers. Thanks, Andy!

The heavy rains of the last weeks have finished off the Azaleas and the Dogwood and the Redbuds, but now my Wood Hyacinths are in bloom, along with the purple and the white Wisteria and the Iris are opening. Violets are just starting and soon it will be Cone Flowers and Tiger Lilies and Day Lilies and Black Eyed Susans. I love this time of year. Not so crazy about the weeds, but I'm digging them out a bucketful a day. Soon I'm going to transplant a few more of Sue's lovely Iris to fill up the empty spaces. Andy is simplifying the flowers at his house and is sharing them with me. Wheeee!

All the trees are looking more like Summer now and all is green and gorgeous!

My garden.......
                          one of my 4 Redbuds. I grew 3 of them from off-shoots from the mother tree, which is about 35 years old.
It's the best flowering it's had in years.
Maybe it was the mild Winter, but the Dogwood has never been so lush!
My Wood Hyacinths, which are multiplying every year.
The flowers on Sue's Weeping Cherry. A lot of the blooming was over by the time we got home.
Garden Guardians.

and a Swallowtail who dropped in to sun himself on the lawn. (He had actually lost one of his tails; looked like it had been clipped off.

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I do love my garden. Do you have one? How are your eyes these days? I always love to see the artistic pics of yourself that you post.

Your garden is beautiful.
do you have fruit trees and vegetable garden ? here this year, the flowers of fruit trees did not remain long because the wind rain and hail damaged everything.

Emy Rose

We do have some fruit trees, but since we never really did anything with them for the fruit, they just make pretty flowers. They have gotten very tall and what fruit appears is out of our reach. The cherry tree and the walnut tree fruits fall prey to the squirrels right away.

Before we started to travel, we had a vegetable garden for many years, with carrots, radishes, lettuce, tomatoes, corn, yellow and green beans. But now, we are away during the planting and caring-for times, so we had to give the garden up.

France and England have been having some really harsh weather this Spring. Most unusual. I hope it's better now.

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