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The day started off with lots of pouring rain and thunder! I waited for a break then I took myself out to walk at the mall with friends. We try to go every weekday (there are 5, sometimes 7 of us) and walk around the unopened mall for 1 hour.

Then, since gardening was out once again, I devoted the day to cleaning and laundry. When I was all done, I treated myself to re-watching the first episode of the "Prime Suspect" series starring Helen Mirren. Last year, I indulged myself and purchased both that series and "Upstairs, Downstairs". Now that we're home again, I plan on watching one episode a day until I've seen them all!

The afternoon turned out to be a warm sunny one. We drove to pick up our grandson, who's spending the weekend! Yaaaay! All of our guys are coming over for a bbq tomorrow so I hope the sun and warmth continues.

On Sunday, I'm taking Louis to see "Pirates". Should be fun. Then all 3 of us will drive to the park and take this years' pic of the flowering cherry tree I had planted in Sue's memory. I think, though, because of the early Spring, the flowers will be all done. The annual pics are how I monitor the tree's growth.

Dame Maddie, I will post the pic tomorrow or Sunday, soon as I get a chance to upload it.

I have almost finished winding up the remaining pics on the laptop. Here'a a few more from the very end of the trip.

The camp manager used to take us to our site with a golf cart; now, it's a Segway! Much more manuverable.

Our site on the Peconic River in MD.
The Francis Scott Key Bridge outside of Baltimore.
I love the beautiful symmetry of the inside of the bridge!

Fort Carroll, beside the bridge. It was deemed no good for defense, thus Fort McHenry was built.
Happy trucker!

Fox Mulder lives!

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Thank you, auntie. I look furward to seeing Auntie Sue's tree.

Maddie xxxxx

I am posting a pic of it today, Maddie. <3

Marvelous pics and a interesting account of how you fill your days.
I so appreciate you sharing your life with all of us. Would be cool to meet you one of these days.

Hugs, Deborah

You're in Ohio, right? If we ever pass near you, I will call and we will meet! :-D

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