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Well, here it is May 2nd and it's colder than it was in March! It's been rainy the last few days, so I can't garden. On the other hand, I'm getting a lot of laundry and cleaning done!

I am catching up on all the little things I want to get done. I told our grandson that I'd bring him lots of pics from Legoland, so I purchased glossy print paper and have started printing them out for him. Since I took....quite a few......I may not have them all done by the weekend, when he's coming for a visit. Especially if I run out of ink. My local Staples doesn't carry the ink I need and I have to order it online now. :P

Oddly enough, even though our house is all Broadband now, the laptop is much slower in the house than it was on the road!
And for some reason, I can't connect my Nook to the internet at home, I have to go to Barnes & Noble. We often have trouble using the phone indoors also. It's as though we live in a black hole.

And speaking of the phone! We have it turned off while we are away and leave an activation date for our return. When we got home, Ken tested it for being up and running again by using it to call our cell phone, which obligingly rang. Little did we know, for a few days, that although we could call out, people calling in got a "phone out of service" message!

I had calld my friends to say I was home and was wondering why no body had called me back!

We only found out when my across-the-street neighbor saw me outside and said she had been trying to call me back with no success.

Then Ken spent 6 !! days calling the phone company and trying to get them to fix what they called a "computer glitch"! They finally turned it on today. Good thing we've got a cell phone!

I'm hoping for a nice day on Sat. We have a family bbq planned and it would be nice to sit outside. Let's all hope for sunshine!

Here's a few pics from our time in New Bern, N.C. whose symbol is a bear. The town had a lot of painted bears in nooks and crannies of the town. 

A Judicial Bear

The official New Bern bear in front of City Hall

A Waiter Bear

New Bern, the birthplace of Pepsi!

Bottoms up, everyone!

A sign in the New Bern pet store :-D

Eat your heart out, John Steinbeck!

I took this pic on our way out of N.C. because I'll never see these prices again in my lifetime!

Time to turn off the laptop and turn on the Nook! Buenos Noches!

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Mum says those fuel prices are very cheap compared to this side of the Pond - less than a third of the price she has to pay...

I know; we're just not used to them. Although we did break $4 a gallon 2 years ago. Gas is on it's way down at the moment, $4.09 s gal. Come summer it will rise again, when families travel. It's all a game and we are the pawns.

Mum as a elder kit went to Bern Switzerland and was horrified at the bear pits. We've just checked and they were only changed in 2009.

I thought bear pits went out in the 17th century!

Mum and Dad love bears. They said that Iroise was like a black bear .


Bears are fun; I have a small collection myself. Was Iroise a Portuguese Water Dog? I know they look like small black bears.

Iroise was a dog "newfoundland",it's a very big and large dogs and they love to swim . this is a very calm and quiet and sweet dog .


Ah, yes, Newfoundlands, the other "big bear" dog. Iroise came from my ancestral country!

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