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I did a lot of gardening today, doing battle with the weeds that grew so nicely because of the warm winter. Now I have my feet up and i'm resting my aching muscles.

I drove over to the park to see Sue's tree yesterday. It's doing well, almost into it's 3rd year. It's got a fair amount of blossoms. I think that it probably had more, but it's past it's peak. Our own Weeping Cherry in the backyard is mostly done also. Everything bloomed about a month early this year.

But thanks to all the rain over the winter, our Dogwood looks better that it has in years; it's covered in flowers! We got to see our Redbuds just as they were peaking and beginning to grow leaves around the blossoms.

Have been seeing my friends again and doing lunch! (As if I needed to eat more)! This weekend, we're having all our sons and our daughter-in-law for a bbq. I hope it doesn't get too cool (yes, it's cool in the afternoons and the nights again) as I'd really like to eat outside. I'm not finished shaping up the house yet.

I'm going to post the last of our trip pics over the next few days, then I can shut down the laptop until Sept when we go to Montauk Point again. I'll switch over to the desktop. Hope you still have an interest. :-D

Two buns that live in a North Carolina garden. The Dad of the house is a master gardener!
We went to a Chapel Hill arboretum; this unusual plant had no name tag.This one did; it's called "Devil's Tongue"
This is a Yucca, looking just like a huge Asparagus!

North Carolina roads can be like rollercoasters!
A lot of the roadsides were all seeded with wildflowers! Gorgeous! Like Texas does.
Poppies! Look out, Cowardly Lion; look out Dorothy!
This old N.,C. house has been up on blocks since last year!

The laptop has decided that it doesn't want to post any more pics now, so I think it's time to sign off. Till tomorrow, then!

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Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. It was a fun trip!

But it's good to be back home and get into a routine again. I'll look forward to yours and Kens' next adventure.


Hopefully we'll have lots of little adventures before the next big one!

I wish our roads were as quiet at yours...

Well, we were in the boondocks of N.C. Not much around but a few houses and lots of fields.

I like the buns in the top pic.

Do you have a pic of Auntie Sue's tree? It would be nice to see it after 3 years... *sniff*

I will post one as soon as I can. I like that there is something alive in Sue's memory. I really wanted to put a plaque with Sue's name on it, but the park would not allow it. :(

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