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We're slowly getting back into our usual routines. The r.v. is fully unpacked and all the laundry and bedding have been transferred to the basement. I do one wash load a day; no point in killing myself. We won't need the r.v. again until Sept.

Today being a lovely day, I cleaned the r.v. and am glad to say that it looks quite shiny again.

It needs a new window shade on my side of the bed; the cord that raises and lowers it broke and left me unable to raise the shade for the last 2 weeks. For being 12 years old AND we passed the 100,000 mile mark on this trip, it's holding up pretty well.

Ie been trying to split my time between cleaning some part of the house and pulling weeds from around my flowers. I also want to have a little time to watch some of my dvds which need watching and reading, both on my Nook and my paper books of which I want to re-read quite a few. Also, now that I finish reading the 1000 page book I'm currently reading (London, the Novel, by Edward Ruthurford) I want to learn how to download books from the library.

Tomorrow I'll get back into food shopping again; I'm going back to the ALDI near us, where I save a lot of money. I also need to buy a few new towels for the r.v. After 12 years, I think it's time!
These are the last of my FL bird pics; now I can take some of our local ones again......

The Great Blue watching Ken fish and hoping for a free meal.
I always love to see the male Cardinals; so showy!
A Marsh Hen; we saw a lot less of these than we usually do.
The lovely Shrike.
                                A flying Sandhill Crane, looking like a pterodactyl.
Don't they have marvelous heads? I love the resonating hole in their beaks.
They've got great butts, also.
The Yellow-Rumped Warbler.
Can't get enough of those Shrikes!
Pelican having a bad hair day.
And the Royal Tern.
Ruddy Turnstones are all over the marinas in FL.

a few Cattle Egrets; note the faint orange on the head and breast.
Saw a lot of beautiful sunsets in FL; this one is in the Savannas park in Ft. Pierce.

When I post the rest of the pics on this laptop, I'll shut it down until Sept and switch back to the desktop. All my new pics will be on there.  Sayonara!

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Wonderful Pics! Welcome Home!

Thanks! I'm attacking the garden and the house once more. The weeds are taking over the world. I've still got a few trip pics that will get on line day by day. :>)

We enjoy traveling and our burrow-car, but after a long journey we appreciate to be back to our burrow , is still much work to empty and clean the burrow-car.
we also have moorhens near here . is there water hyacinth in your photo, Dad put water hyacinth in our little pond but they are struggling to survive because it is still too cold this year.

Emy Rose

Water hyacinths over here are an invasive plant, which will take over wherever they are and choke out all the native water plants. Park workers try to keep it under control, but it's very hard. It is pretty, but like any non-native plant, bug or animal, it's got no enemies and is a big problem.

My garden really missed me, the weeds are incredible! I am glad to be home again so I can see all my friends.

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