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Today is another lovely, hot day in Vegas. We're doing our laundry and waiting for the fridge repair man to come. When he does, I shall walk myself to one of the casinos nearby and enjoy myself for a few hours. So far, I am still ahead by $38! Here are my Death Valley pics. (=^-^=)stream in the park;90 degrees;5x ocean salinitypupfish (2")have adapted to live herethere's a car in that dust cloudKen on Devil's Golf Courselook up from front of rv; 2/3 up cliff is this sign....salt flats;5 miles across5-spot; a rare flower

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Just loving those last 2 photos, beautiful flowers and the most incredable mountail picture.

Bruno xx

We are so lucky to be in the desert when it is blooming; it can be pretty rare. There are yellow, purple, pink and white flowers everywhere. And the mountains are beautiful beyond belief. I really love the bare rock.

Wow... I wish I was there....

Mum fancies it too - but not the heat. Will you be going anywhere mountainous with big lakes?

The heat, for the most part, is not that bad, especially if there is a breeze, because the humidity is so low that you don't perspire at all, you simply evaporate. We are going to Utah next, Salt Lake City, with it's huge salt lake (duh) to meet up with my brother and his wife. We are also going to the Grand Canyon after that. No lakes there, but scads of deep gorges.

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