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(no subject)
Well, we're back home again! The r.v. has been unpacked and I'm making a dent in the laundry. I've done a little food shopping and have connected with some home friends.

My laptop has had second thoughts about blocking me from posting pics, so I'm going to put on the ones I wanted to post a few 

My nephew's oldest daughter, Sarah.       

His next daughter, Emily.         

His son, Daniel, the last male of my father's family.    
The whole family!
Francis Scott Key.
The Chesapeake Watershed.
Never met a fort I didn't like!
Schoolkids getting an historical lecture program.
This is the waterway that the British steamed up to bombard the fort.
It was cold at the fort!
The parking garage for our restaurant , The Rusty Scupper in the Baltimore Marina. These are the electric cars that the police drive around the city. Just like the ones all the Park Rangers have these days.
We had planned to see the Amenican Museum of Visionary Art, but it was closed on Mondays!
This contraption spun like a weather vane, had a small plane on it with plane noises and every part of it moved.
She was on the low wall in front of the museum!
The bus was covered in pieces of glass!
Bunnies rode on the bus hood!
Next year, we'll make sure we're at the museum when it's open!
We stopped to grocery shop, and this sign caught my eye. Notice the first 5 letters; this is a doc with a sense of humor!

Now I'm going to relax; I got a lot done today and I'm tired! More tomorrow. :-D

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Those bunnies with flowers remind me of my late-Una.....


Then she must have been very beautiful indeed. I'm sorry that it's still so painful to think of Una; in time, it will be less so, though I know that you'll always miss her and always remember her, as I do with Auntie Sue. *hugs*

Thanks for sharing your trip with us Auntie.

You're welcome! I have some trip pics not posted yet that I'll put up little by little. I'm glad you enjoyed our trip together!

Welcome Home Kitty!

Wonderful pics.. Especially like the Orthodontics one.. How Clever!

Beautiful family too.

Love, Hare

Thanks! I always keep my eye out for the funny and the unusual. I'm glad to be home and I'm looking forward to the next trip. My nieces and nephews are lovely aren't they? I can say that because I have nothing to do with the creation!

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