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We drove through the rain on Sunday to spend a wonderful aft/evening with my nephew, his wife and their 3 children. They recently moved from S.C. to MD and are now living in a 105 year old house, with many stairs, many doors, wonderful nooks and crannies, 2 side yards and a side lane! It has so much character and it's surrounded by 100 year old trees!   We visited for a good while then we all went out to dinner at a local sports bar. Great food and great company!


I have tried to put up some pics, but all I get is a strange image of a fuzzy white X on a pink and red background! I guess until it sorts itself out, this will be just a verbal post!

The next day, after seeing my nephew and his family, we took ourselves to see Fort McHenry, the fort that played a key role in the war of 1812, when Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner. Though he wrote it in 1812, it didn't become our official National Anthem until 1939. That I knew, but I was really surprised to learn that the huge flag which flew over the fort and which now is in the Smithsonian, where we saw it last year, was not flown over the fort until the battle was over! I always thought all the wear and tear and holes came from the bombardment, but evidently not!

After touring the fort inside and out (and it was a tad cold) we had lunch at the Rusty Scupper on the waterfront, where we could look at the moored boats and watch the water taxis. We could also see the U.S.S. Constitution which was moored across the harbor. We had plans to see the American Visionary Art Museum, since it was raining again, but the museum was closed on Mondays! I had to content myself with taking pics of the outside exhibits. (If the picture loading starts working again, I can show you).

It was cold again in the day and at night and we're back in winter clothes and running the heater, having come full circle from our start in Jan.

Today, we stopped at the Hollywood Casino, "Maryland's 1st Casino" where I actually won $80! Had a nice BLT at their express cafe for lunch, then we drove on to the next camp in New Jersey, where we are now. Tomorrow, we will be home. Then, it's time to clean up the r.v. and get ready for the Fall trip to Montauk.

I will now make one last attempt to add pics to this.

+*&)%^#@. I guess I'll just have to wait until it sorts itself out; something like this happened once before. Rats!!!!