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We had a really nice drive yesterday to here in a camp near Baltimore. The only weird thing was that we ran into about a dozen or so honey bees who exploded against our windsheild like heavy rain drops. This happened to us once before, many years ago in New Jersey. We had just passed a field with beehives in it when they came crashing into our windshield.

There are lots of Tree Swallows here, constantly flying over the surface of the Chesapeake Bay that we're on, eating all the numerous little bugs. There are also Eagles! I saw two fly over yesterday, but I couldn't get a picture. We are near the Aberdeen Proving Grounds, where they test weapons, so every now and then there's a loud boom!

Today, it's raining heavily and it's supposed to continue all day so we're staying indoors until it's time to go and visit my nephew and his family. Colder and quite nasty out, all up and down the Eastern seaboard.  And to think that it's Earth Day! There are usually a lot of outdoor celebration planned. Bummer!

Since I'm having fun watching the Swallows, who don't care that it's raining, I'm going to post all of my bird pics that are still hanging around in the pc. (Maybe only some; I just looked and there are a lot).
One of a pair of Killdeer in N.C.
A juvinile Tree Swallow
Adult Tree SwallowBad Hair Day Darn wind!Where's my comb?Mr. and Mrs.
This guy was hooked by a fisherman on a bridge, but he managed to break free.
Ken's cousin, her daughter and her daughters in N.C.
These pics are of Ken relaxing in FL.....
walking a Linear Park in FL......
and here in MD, pre-rain.

Tomorrow, if the rain stops, we hope to see a few things in Baltimore. If not, I guess I'll do a lot of reading. :-D

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What wonderful pics! Thanks for taking us all along on your trip. It is a common question when we take our short jaunts.. "Where is Dodge City this week?"

Yall ever get close to Cincy, give us a shout


Will do! I didn't know so many people watched. :-D

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