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We spent the last 2 days with Ken's cousin and her husband in N.C. Had a wonderful visit; it's always good to see them. Usually it's a once a year thing, but this year they stopped it FL on their way home from seeing their son and daughter-in-law, so we had 2 visits this year!

As a special treat, their daughter and her two daughters were there. We hadn't seen them in 11 years. They are now 15 and 12 and very beautiful. Their mother and they and I all went strawberry picking at a nearby farm. I picked some of the hugest, sweetest berries I've ever seen. They were all weird shapes and we were calling them mutant berries. The farmer's wife said the odd configurations are due to the pollination. And, they were red all the way through, not white-centered like the ones in the grocery store.

We ate out for lunch, ate in for dinner, (delicious) drove to New Bern the next day (a lovely town to walk in; riverwalk and all) and ate lunch out, then we stopped at the Piggly Wiggly and make salads for ourselves for dinner. I REALLY need to get back to my exercise walking.

Today, we left N.C. and drove to Virginia for an overnight, staying in the same camp we stayed in at the start of our trip. Tomorrow, we'll drive to Maryland and visit with my nephew and his family.

Was sorry to hear about Dick Clark's passing; New Year's Eve will not be the same without him. He was a trooper until the end!

Today, I'm putting up some older pics from the FL fair in Fort Pierce. I still have to load and downsize the most recent ones I took...
The fair logo at the entrance
The welcoming band
This was the cutest little baby goat in the petting tent.
Sat on hot metal bleachers and watched the horse show....
This was an abused rescue horse that the lady spent time gaining confidence from and gave him "permission to be a horse" again
Pig races! Everybody needs to see them at least once!
They run like the wind because snacks are waiting at the end of the race; the whole thing takes about 10 seconds.The Bungee Cord Drop Ride! (No, that's not me up there)!
The 2 happy riders!

These 2 people sang and danced to songs from "Grease" and songs by Dolly Parton. They were so funny!                                      

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I think Dylan refers to Bleachers in Highway 61 revisited and I have never known what they are. Are you saying they are some type of metal seat?

There is also a Joni Mitchell bootleg called "The blonde in the bleachers".

I always thought that they were the cheap seats at stadiums.

No, those are the "nosebleed seats", way up at the top of the stadiums.

Yes, when they're outdoors, they're rows of metal benches joined together with each one rising a step higher than the previous one. Indoors, in schools and arenas, they are made from wood in the same configuration. No sides, so you just climb up from one to the other. Like long, giant stair steps.

My pet 2-foot went on one of those bungee chord rides once in Israel, he was rather impressed with it.

I might be able to do the ones that you sit in, though I'd probably scream a lot. But there is no way in %#*+ that I would try putting a bungee cord around my ankle and throwing myself off a bridge!

County fairs are always lots of fun, what with the rides and exhibits and animals and food booths!

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